Join our study group!

Facilitated by the B+MMSA, the study group meets on the first Wednesday of every month from 5-8pm in room HA 339. Open to all B+MM students, it is a space for everyone to come do their work and to connect with classmates to share their thoughts of topics and assignments discussed in class.


Get Connected! Join the Online Forum!

Need quick clarification?

Too afraid to ask a “stupid” question?

Join the online forum to ask and consult your B+MM peers from anywhere at anytime, completely anonymously.

How to create Piazza account and join course

1. Go to

2. Go to “sign up”, select “students get started”.

3. Search “University of British Columbia”

4. Select term: Winter term 1 2016. Type “2016/17: B+MM” in and click “join classes”.

5. Enter your UBC e-mail address, which you can find by logging into your CWL at and create a password.

How to use online forum

1. Click on “Q & A” at the top of the page.

2. By clicking on the folders titled “COMM120”, “COMM220”, etc. in the top left corner, you are able to apply a filter to see only the posts relevant to your selected course.

3. You can make a post to ask a question about a topic related to your course by clicking “New Post” and then selecting the correct course folder.

4. If you wish to post anonymously, make sure to check the posting option at the bottom before submitting your post.

5. You can post a reply to a question/post by starting a followup discussion underneath the posted question.