Alumni Networking Night



The BMMSA's first Networking Event brought in four guest speakers, all graduates of the Master of Management program, to talk about their experiences from university as well as the professional world. Their fields of employment varied all the way from the food industry to the consulting industry. Students had the opportunity to speak to them 1-on-1 to gain insight into the benefits of the Master of Management degree.


Cidnee Vaykovich, who holds a Bachelor of Health Science as well as the Master's of Management, noted that the MM degree is very similar to the MBA degree. While North American employers may be more familiar with the MBA, she emphasized that MM students receive practically the same education, and complete the program in less time than MBA students. She also told the attendees that while MBA students are bound to the 2-year work experience term, MM students are free to pursue any employment opportunities after graduation. She expressed the importance of explaining these things in interviews, so that employers understand the Master of Management degree fully.


Vanilla Sun, who holds a Bachelor of Science as well as a Master of Management, works primarily with startups in the technology field. Her work as a manager of the business side of startups is indicative of the breadth of the MM's applicability. She explained that her roll may consist of anything from managing the finances of a young company to negotiating sales on their behalf, to sorting out Human Resources issues. She explained that she uses the MM degree to steer the companies that she works with in the right direction.


Chris Gorczynski, Manager of the MM program and a graduate of it himself, noted that the reality of today's business world is that there is not a lot of time for students to professionally develop before heading into the very competitive job market. He elaborated that there is a "huge need" for facilitation roles in the field, not just a demand for "hands-on" positions, speaking particularly about students in science who want to take a more managerial approach to research. He said that the MM program is meant to prepare students for these positions, and to help them grow as professionals before entering the job market.


Students who attended the networking event had great comments to share about their experience:


“I enjoyed the one-on-one conversations I was able to have with not only the alumni, but also with peers who I haven't had the chance to meet with. It was beneficial having people who have been through the program to give me advice as I continue my journey in the B+MM Program. I appreciated the alumni who took the time to talk about the challenges they faced on their professional career journey. Hearing the success that each alumni eventually accomplished has given me reassurance that failures are only obstacles that can be overcome.” - Danielle Pietramala


“Before heading to this event, I had predispositions of networking being a daunting task. I have never been more wrong. The kind nature and laid back atmosphere of this networking night allowed me to connect with other in order to expand my business horizons. Although I learned to communicate more effectively with others in a business atmosphere, I ended up leaving the event with newfound confidence and business ambition. I found this latter piece to be the most valuable take-away personally.” - Malcolm McDonald


“The event was excellent - an awesome insight into the professional lives of MM grads. I really enjoyed the atmosphere as well as the refreshments etc that you served. I took away a much better understanding of what life after graduating might look like. I especially valued talking to Tonner because he was right in the middle of a start up and it was really cool to hear about that whole process.” - Bill Shmygol


Weren’t able to make it to this event? Well look out for our next one coming up on March 2nd!  It will be an Industry Outlook event that will focus specifically on the tech industry.


Consulting Industry Outlook Event

On October 20th 2016, the BMMSA held our very first event of the year.  This was the initial event in a series called “Industry Outlook”. This particular Industry Outlook Event was focused on the consulting industry.  Four professionals from the consulting industry were brought in for a discussion panel focused on answering major questions related to consulting.  The night ended with a networking session among students and consulting industry professionals.


Consultants from Deloitte, McKinsey & Company, AllGo, and Newton & Co joined us as the panellists for the evening.  They discussed the challenges of the industry as well as some common misconceptions from questions directed from our moderator Erica Commons.  One panellist noted that the hardest part about their jobs isn't in fact the problems they are hired to solve but the clients they are hired by.  Often clients disagree with each other, which makes the task of getting them to get along a significant part of their job.


One panellist noted that an extremely important, yet unexpected part of the consulting industry is, networking.  Instead of eating lunch in the office, he was encouraged by his superiors to have lunch out every day with potential clients or colleagues because the making of those connections is such a crucial part of his job. 


Another panellist noted that his lifestyle changed because of how much he needed to travel.  In fact, on the day of the event he woke up in a small town in the interior of BC, travelled to a mine for a meeting, travelled to another town for another meeting, and then finally travelled to UBC to speak at the event.  All of the panellists emphasized the importance of sleep in their routines, stating that they never get less than 6 hours, where earlier in their careers they suffered from getting 3 to 4 hours each night.


Panellists highlighted that a main aspect of the consulting industry is that professionals have to sell themselves all the time.  Because the "product" that the consulting industry sells is the consultants’ own brainpower and problem-solving skills, it is important to advertise one's individual skills and competence in order to secure clients and contracts. 


Students had the opportunity to ask questions to the panellists at the end of the event for a networking session where many important insights were shared.  All four of the panellists, as well as some additional consulting industry professionals were busy talking to students throughout the networking session.  By the end, students walked away with a much stronger understanding of the consulting industry and added some new connections to their network!  

The B+MM Welcome (Back) Event: What to Look Forward To!

On September 19th, the B+MM Team will be hosting a Welcome (Back) event for all new and returning students. The BMMSA will have a booth and will be chatting about our upcoming events for this year! Be sure to RSVP to register for this event, if you haven’t yet.

Some great things to look forward to at the Welcome (Back) event:

·       Meet & Mingle with your B+MM fellow students from different years and undergrad programs.

·       Interact with values-driven business leaders that care about social responsibility and a bigger role of business in our society.

Derek Juno

Co-Founder & VP Business Development, Mealshare

Pete Mitchell

President & COO, Vancouver Film Studios 

Thijs Mathot

Founder & Managing Director, Brighter Investment

·       Take a stab at creating your socially responsible business with your classmates through an activity.

·       Chat with your B+MM Student Association and get to know about all exciting activities they’ve prepared for you this year!

Can't wait to see you all there!