B+MM Student Association membership opens doors and creates opportunities.

For only $15 a year, members gain access to:


Peer Connections program - designed to provide incoming students with a strong support system, while fostering community within the B+MM Dual Degree program.

Career-related events at half the price! We have two industry outlook events and one alumni networking night planned for the year, where members learn and network with professionals from various industries. With networking and professional development opportunities, members will get suggestions and insights to turn their passion into a profession.

Real and virtual study groups, where members can collaborate and exchange thoughts, all while developing relationship with their peers.


Make the most out of your B+MM Dual Degree program experience and build your B+MM community. Join the B+MMSA today!


Options to Purchase a B+MMSA Membership

By Credit Card

If purchasing a membership by credit card, you can visit the B+MMSA Rezgo page by clicking here. This will have you fill out payment information as well as complete some contact information and a club waiver. Be sure to read all of the instructions in order to process your information correctly.


By Cash

If purchasing by cash, be sure you have filled out our online contact information and waiver by clicking here. Once your cash payment has been processed by the executive team, your membership will be active.


With all membership purchases, you will receive an online confirmation by email with a receipt.