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We're Looking For Executive Assistants!

Event Journalist: Is responsible for writing recaps of events to be posted on social media platforms, and writing promotional flyers for events. These works will be circulated on the website and on social media platforms, and need to be professionally written and speak to the students in the program. Duties will include attending BMMSA events, interviewing students and speakers, writing about highlights of events, and working with the BMMSA photographer for visuals in posts. Recommended traits and experience include professional writing experience, knowledge of Squarespace, interviewing skills, active social media presence, team player, and open to criticism and comments.

Photographer: Responsible for taking photos at events, getting permission from students to use photos taken at events, taking photos whenever asked to, editing photo quality and adding watermark of BMMSA logo, providing photos to other media assistants for journalistic purposes. This position requires attending BMMSA events and capturing important moments and people to showcase the visual element of the event. Recommended traits and experience include photography experience, working with DSLR cameras, Photoshop experience, Squarespace experience, working well in a team and taking creative direction. Additionally if you have videography experience, knowledge of Final Cut Pro and experience working with digital video this position has the opportunity to branch into a photographer/videographer position.

Student Feature Journalist: Responsible for running a blog focusing on the projects and successes of B+MM students. They will seek out student work and experience within our program and feature them in order to showcase talent within the B+MM. Responsible for seeking talent, interviewing students about their experience and "passion", writing feature posts for website/blog. Recommended skills include professional writing experience, interviewing skills, people oriented and charismatic, knowledge of Squarespace, team player, open to criticism and comments.

You can apply for the media assistant positions in the BMMSA by clicking here.

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