We are the official student association for the B+MM program, founded and run by B+MM students. Working closely with the Robert H. Lee Graduate school and Sauder’s Business Career Center, we strive to provide resources for you to connect with each other, collaborate in fueling your passion and ultimately conquer endeavors together.


To create a supportive community for our members (YOU!) to explore their passions in a collaborative environment. We also want to build strong relationships with the local and global business community to bridge connections between B+MM students and professionals.

Our mission is branched into three main pillars:


To build a strong community of B+MM students and develop impactful relationships.


To establish a collaborative environment for students to support each other in their transition into the business world.


To provide professional development opportunities and encourage students to envision their potential careers. 

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We run programs and events that add to your B+MM degree. Examples include the Peer Connections program that eases your transition into B+MM by grouping you with a “Connector”; and the Industry Outlook event that highlights a specific theme that delves into its ins-and-outs by inviting accomplished professionals from various industries as our panel speakers.
Check out our full range of "programs" and events.

We act as a liaison between students and staff/faculty. Please reach out to us if you have any inquiries, and we will connect you to the right person.


There is a $15 membership fee which will give you free access to our year-long programs and social events, and a 50% discount for all career-related events. This is a fantastic investment to your degree, and will also support our association to run and grow each year! For additional information to become a member/join our team, please click here or contact us at info@bmmsa.org.